The MailChimp Course

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Email marketing provides a whopping 4300% ROI, and you might have heard that already.

What you might not know is that several businesses, self-employed professionals, bloggers, solo entrepreneurs, creators, app makers just don't use email marketing as much as they should.

You don't have to be one of those. Email marketing is simple enough; just that you need to string several moving parts together (with a dash of technology, copywriting, timing, and strategy).

Want to start with email marketing? Do you want to see how you'll change the way you bring in revenue for your business? This is the perfect beginner course for you.

Love MailChimp™, I love it too. It's free (to begin with), it's easy to use, and It's incredibly effective if you use it right.

Join this course for free on MailChimp to make the best of what it has to offer.

What You Get With The MailChimp Course?

  • Basics of MailChimp (Including Authenticating Your Domain, Creating lists, How & why you should take advantage of MailChimp Tags, creating autoresponders, & more.

  • Features of MailChimp That'll blow your mind way

  • Creating Landing Pages To Streamline how you collect leads for your business (also exploring the option of using other landing page builders such as Unbounce, in case you need more flexibility, better integrations, and other advanced features)

MailChimp Course Bonuses

  • Email Marketing Checklist

  • Smart Start Ready Reckoner

  • Constant updates, as they are released (for no extra cost, ever)

Optional Add-ons [Paid]

  • 1-to-1 Exclusive Training & Consulting on Email Marketing

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You'll Get: 9+ Videos on MailChimp Basics, MailChimp Email Marketing Updates, & More

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The MailChimp Course

0 ratings
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